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Grow kits magic mushrooms or mushroom grow kit magic allow you to cultivate your own magic mushrooms at home. In a number of weeks, each tub yields many flushes of fruiting bodies. Gone are the days of combing woods and meadows for goodies, or depending on shady vendors!

Our magic mushroom growkits assortment has something for everyone. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, we recommend starting with one of our milder strains. If you want to blast out and explore different realms, you’ll need something a little more powerful.

Reading the description of a certain mushroom grow kits will give you a basic sense of the potency of each strain. To restrict your search, use the filters on the left. You’ll find what you’re looking for quickly!

Popular Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Magic

We have everything you need to cultivate and enjoy a psychedelic harvest right here. There are several strains available, each with its own distinct and unexplainable effects. Here at USA Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, we have compiled a list of the top 10 mushroom grow kit magic to assist in the decision-making process and to inspire those searching for something new. We update every couple of weeks to guarantee that psychonauts are always up to date on the latest mushroom news.

What Are Magic Mushrooms Growing Kit?

Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits make mushroom cultivation simple! Rather of fussing for months just to discover that your mycelium cakes have been infected, purchasing a grow kit allows you to reap a significant crop of magic mushrooms in a matter of weeks.

Growing Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits from scratch is an intriguing and at times exhausting process, but it is surely doable. However, for most inexperienced growers, purchasing a Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits will be faster, easier, and less expensive!

Grow kits include a “cake” (the substrate on which the mushrooms grow) that has been completely colonized by Psilocybe mycelium. The mushrooms begin to grow in profusion after the cake is opened, watered, and exposed to warm temperatures.

Best Magic Mushroom Grow Kits To Buy Online

Looking for the finest mushroom grow kits for home growing success? USA Magic Mushroom Grow Kits offers a variety of easy-to-use kits for all skill levels, replete with step-by-step instructions and helpful hints. We carry all of the mushroom growing supplies you’ll need, including substrate, spawn, and more, in addition to our grow kits.

Furthermore, our comprehensive guides are available to answer any questions you may have about growing mushrooms at home. With our high-quality materials and comprehensive written guide, you’ll be producing tasty mushrooms in no time!

Which Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Should You Buy?

There are two kinds of magic mushroom grow kits available at USA Magic Mushroom Grow Kits. We mostly provide Psilocybe cubensis grow kits. This species develops quickly and is best suited to indoor culture, producing excellent results with little effort. There are several strains of this species to pick from.

Some, such as Golden Teacher, are easy to grow, produce high yields, and have a gentler effect. Beginners should avoid strains like this. McKennaii, on the other extreme of the cubensis range, is regarded to be one of the strongest magic mushrooms in the world. These fresh mushrooms will make you trip really hard and are only recommended for experienced users.

In addition to psilocybe cubensis strain grow kits, we also sell Panaeolus cyanescens (Copelandia) grow kits. These are thought to be among the toughest mushrooms on the planet. It is recommended that only experienced psychonauts attempt them because they are difficult to grow and deliver a trip like no other.

How To Use A Magic Mushroom Grow Kit?

We have a variety of shroom grow kits, each with somewhat different growth requirements. As a result, there is no one method to use a magical mushroom grow kit. However, for each of our brands, we provide digital manuals that detail exactly how to use that specific grow kit.

Why Buy a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit?

It has been prohibited in Holland since December 2008 to sell magic mushrooms commercially. As a result, fresh or dried magic mushrooms are no longer available for purchase. However, magic mushroom grow kits for small-scale cultivation have not been prohibited.

It is still permissible to purchase them at a Dutch smart shop or online. Growing your own magic mushrooms is the most convenient method to obtain them. It’s also entertaining.

Why get a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit from Us?

All of our mushroom-growing kits are meticulously manufactured in a sterile laboratory. Because we keep a limited supply, the grow kits are shipped as soon as possible. There are many companies that sell magic mushroom growing kits.

We have examined practically every sort of mushroom kit available on the market. In our inventory, we only sell grow kits that are dependable and provide a high output.

We continue to test new types of kits, seeking ones that fit our requirements, because the market is changing. Do you need a specific strain or have a general question? Please contact our customer service department.

What is the price of the magic mushrooms grow kits?

The price starts at € 28,50 not including possible discounts and shipping. The shipping cost can be calculated by adding all items you wish to the shopping cart, and there you can fill in country and zipcode to get a pricing. 

What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

A mushroom grow kit is a way to easily grow your own magic mushrooms. The Mushroom Grow kit contains:

  • 1x grow box with substrate containing living mycelium (the spores that have developed)
  • 1x transparent grow bag with airfilter
  • 2x paperclips

How long will it take before the magic mushrooms grow?

After the preparation process, which uses minimal effort and is done within the length of a day, your first mushrooms will pop out of the substratum after two weeks! Harvesting can begin a few days later.

How many magic mushrooms will you get out of the grow kit?

The growing process can be repeated several times, until the nutrients in the substrate are depleted. The first flush (growing spree) of mushrooms will be the largest and the following flushes will be smaller and smaller until no mushrooms grow up anymore. The average result after depletion is between the 300 and 400 grams of fresh mushrooms when the ideal conditions are met. If you take in account that the recommended dose is a portion of 15 grams fresh mushrooms, we will let you do the math!

When will you have the Grow Kit in your Possession?

We will dispatch your item the next business day after we receive payment. Orders will be dispatched through United Parcel Service (UPS) and PostNL to certain destinations. You may select a shipping method when you place your order.

You may also view the estimated delivery time here. In general, this is between 1 and 7 business days to countries in Europe, but this is only an estimate and is heavily dependent on the local postal services in the country being delivered to. Don’t be concerned! The mycelium in the grow kit may live at room temperature for up to 14 days before becoming stressed!

What can go wrong with the magic mushroom grow kit?

Check that the contents of the carton box are not damaged upon delivery. The lid of the plastic grow box should be securely fastened and sealed with a plastic seal.

Please inform us as soon as one or both of them are removed during transit! Before you begin, read the grow kit instructions carefully and thoroughly. Then there isn’t much that can go wrong.

Before you put your hands inside the grow bag, make sure to thoroughly wash them with soap or antibacterial hand gel (or wear sterile gloves) to reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination. Never, ever breathe inside a growbag!

How to Grow Successfully from your Mushroom Grow Kit

The temperature in the grow kit and grow bag should be appropriate for the growth of the magic mushrooms. Make sure the kit is kept between 18°C and 29°C (23°C is ideal), even at night. When the temperature rises or falls above or below this level, the mushrooms either grow slowly or not at all. Eventually yielding less mushrooms than intended.

Do not place the grow kit in full sunlight since it will get too hot for the mushrooms to develop and the substratum will dry out, resulting in no mushrooms being produced. Pick the mushrooms as soon as they are nearly ripe. The guidebook describes how to identify ripe ones.

They will drop their spores if you pick them too late. This will turn the contents of the grow bag black, as shown in the image. This has no influence on your health or the trip, but the energy expended to accomplish this will be lost, and you will produce fewer mushrooms.

Be a responsible grower and user

Always keep the mushroom-growing kit away from children and animals. Order only legal products in your country. Reuse as much of your gardening materials as is feasible. If you want to eat mushrooms, make sure you do it responsibly. Read more about appropriate use.

McKennaii Magic Mushroom kit

Tatandi presents its Mc Kennai magic mushroom cultivation bread , a mushroom variety that is quite sensitive to cultivation parameters such as heat and humidity, but rewards its grower with above-average potency . now available at Alchimia!

McKennai Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

These mushrooms, named after psychonaut and philosopher Terence McKenna, are prized for their strong cerebral effects. A tiny greenhouse with air conditioning can help you produce up to 5 or 6 successive harvests per loaf by maintaining an ideal growth climate (between 22 and 24°C and 60 to 80% humidity). After roughly twenty days of growing, we will get our first harvest of thin and lean mushrooms rich in psilocybin and psilocin.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms McKennai, creative and euphoric effect

McKennai magic mushrooms, which contain more psilocybin than typical, are only recommended for experienced psychonauts. They provide a strong and intense impact that fosters introspection and creativity in a euphoric high accompanied by psychedelic visual effects.

Characteristics of Tatandi McKennai Mushroom Grow Bread:

  • McKennai Grow Kit
  • 1200ml fully inoculated substrate
  • Fresh, high-quality mycelium
  • Up to 6 harvests under ideal husbandry conditions
  • First harvest in about 15-20 days

Magic mushroom grow kits 100% mycelium

You may simply cultivate gorgeous magic mushrooms yourself with our legal magic mushroom grow kits. Our grow kits contain just mycelium. This indicates they are completely matured, therefore they will immediately exhibit “pins” and you will be able to pick your first batch of fresh mushrooms in two weeks.

You may select from a wide range of various grow kits, such as Magicbox Palenque, Equadorian, and Super Gold, or one of no fewer than 12 distinct strains from our Stealthbox collection, or the Copelandia grow kit, with which you can cultivate your own trusty old Hawaiians. Sirius grow kits are the quickest approach to a colorful world.

Looking for a way to enjoy the old familiar Magic Mushrooms?

Although we are no longer permitted to sell magic mushrooms since December 1, 2008, we are permitted to sell magic mushroom growkits, which allow you to grow them yourself very easily.

Psilocybe cubensis strains are available in growboxes, allowing you to effortlessly grow your own magic mushrooms. More information on growing your own magic mushrooms can be found in our comprehensive guide. In our Magictruffleshop, you can find our magic boxes as well as a large selection of stealth boxes.