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How to dry and store magic mushrooms

How can you dry and store magical mushrooms? Most magic mushroom grow kits yield between 100 and 300 grams of fresh mushrooms. Unless you’re planning a spectacular party in the near future, you’re probably thinking about drying and preserving the mushrooms you’ve gathered.

That makes perfect sense! When it comes to drying and storing, a few concerns arise: “Which method is best for drying?”, “where to store?”, “how long before they expire?”, “will the potency still be the same?” and many more. You can relax, because the new Magic Mushroom Shop instructions explain how to properly dry and store magic mushrooms. Let’s go over the checklist before we get to the directions for drying magic mushrooms. At this time:

  • You’ve carefully followed the instructions on how to cultivate,
  • You’ve patiently anticipated the ideal moment for when you should harvest and
  • You’ve mastered the twist & pull technique, in order to learn how to pick your mushrooms from your grow kit.

When do I harvest Magic mushrooms?

When is the best time to harvest magic mushrooms from a grow kit? If you pick the mushrooms too soon, they will not have realized their full potential. If you pick too late, the entire substrate will be covered in black spores. Customers at the Magic Mushrooms Shop have expressed an interest in learning “when do I harvest my lovely mushrooms?” As a result, we gladly give harvesting instructions!

When do I harvest magic mushrooms ?

Just before the veil breaks is the perfect time to gather magic mushrooms from your grow kit. The veil normally breaks between 5 and 12 days after the first mushroom pins emerge from the substrate. Because the maturation of magic mushrooms varies based on strain variety, humidity, temperature, and fresh air, this time indication is broad.

Why harvest just before the veil breaks?

The veil joins the mushroom cap to the stem and covers the gills. When the mushroom matures, the veil will lift, revealing the gills. This is the time for the mature mushroom to consider the next generation, and it will release spores from its gills to allow for reproduction.

The spores discharged will cover the other mushrooms as well as the substrate beneath them. This is not harmful to the mushrooms or the substrate. However, the strength of the mushroom will be reduced slightly if you wait to harvest your mushrooms after the spore discharge.

How to pick magic mushrooms from your grow kit?

You’re probably on your way to harvesting your (first) flush as you read this. We can imagine the excitement for new growers because we’ve all been there:). But hold on! There’s one more thing on your mind: “How do I pick my magic mushroom from my grow kit?” Not to worry! The Magic Mushroom Shop Blog has guidelines for picking magic mushrooms.

It takes time and work to grow magic mushrooms. Some cultivators prefer colonization grow kits, such as the B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, which is well-known for being a simple and adaptable grower. Others have risen from the domain of sophisticated cultivation and discovered how to employ a magical spore vial.

How to pick magic mushrooms – instructions

Magic mushrooms should be picked right before the veil breaks from the stem or cap. Once the mushrooms are ready to harvest, the mushrooms should be gently separated from the substrate. It is preferred to go about this with a “twist and pull” technique:

  • Reach for the bottom of the stem with your thumb and index finger. 
  • Softly start twisting and pulling on the stem until the bottom starts to loosen up.
  • Apply more power, if necessary. But beware; don’t jeopardize the surface of the substrate.
  • Complete the separation of stem and substrate and repeat this process with the other stems.

You deserve it!

It’s safe to say you’re on your way to being a legitimate cultivator. The mushrooms are selected and admired for their beautiful caps, the yield is calculated and proudly displayed, and the substrate is being readied for the next flush. Maybe you couldn’t help yourself and bit into one of the mushrooms.Go ahead and do it!Congratulations on your accomplishments:-).

Let’s get started with the instructions.

Please keep in mind that there are numerous methods for drying mushrooms. We’ve discovered that people prefer natural drying methods. It takes a little longer than ovens and dehydrators, but this approach keeps the potency intact.

How to dry magic mushrooms

  • First, pick the magic mushrooms and place them apart from each other on a paper towel.
  • Second, Let the mushrooms dry on that paper towel for 4-7 days. The mushrooms are fully dried up when the moisture has disappeared from the body of the mushroom. The weight and size will noticeably reduce, as the stems and caps shrink and the mass decreases. 
  • Finally, once fully dried, it’s time to take a look at storage.

How to store magic mushrooms

Putting the magic mushrooms in a plastic food container is the most efficient way to store them. It may be preferable to place a fresh paper towel in the plastic container to rest the mushroom on.Close the jar with the lid and store it somewhere cool and dry, preferably outside the refrigerator. The mushrooms will get moist again in the fridge, and the purpose is to preserve dried out mushrooms. A closed cupboard or other location away from direct sunshine will suffice.

If you follow these steps, the dried yield can be stored for a long period. Dried mushrooms have an 8-12 month shelf life. Because the efficacy diminishes over time, it is strongly advised to consume them as soon as possible.

Extra options!

In addition to eating the mushrooms raw, you could crush them in a blender. Powdery mushrooms take things to a whole new level. To view our thorough Psilocybin Microdosing Guide and the enticing recipe for magic mushroom chocolate, click on the links.