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How to use a Mushroom Spore Syringe ?

Spore syringes are a common media for storing spores from any magic mushroom strain. Millions of high-quality mushroom spores float in a sterile solution in one syringe. A mushroom spore syringe is simple to use and keep. Let’s see how to use a magic mushroom spore syringe. The mushroom spore syringe is used to inoculate substrate, a nourishing growing environment, with a desired mushroom strain. A spore syringe is used to begin the cultivation process of Oyster mushrooms, magic mushrooms, or medicinal strains.


Spore Syringe Instructions: How to Use a Mushroom Spore Syringe?

First, make sure your workspace is clean. Before preparing your mushroom spore syringe, disinfect your hands or put on sterile gloves. The spore syringes are ready for use. When storing the spore syringe in the refrigerator, it is preferable to remove it 12 hours before usage. Our mushroom spore syringe comes as a set with:

  • 1x  spore solution in a 20ml syringe
  • 1x sterile needle
  • 4x Alco preps

The syringe is closed with a luer lock cap. Take the spore syringe while it still has the cap on it. With the cap pointing up, hold the syringe. Turn the spore syringe lid counterclockwise to remove it. Attach the needle to the spore syringe after removing it from its sterile package (leave the protective cap on the needle). Shake the spore syringe for a few seconds before using. The spore syringe is now ready for usage, such as microscopic study or inoculating a sterile substrate.

Microscopic Use of Mushroom Spores

Get a microscope slide and thoroughly clean it. Shake the spore syringe before dropping one drop of spore solution onto the microscope slide. Place a cover glass over the drop of spores. The slide is now ready for investigation. Examine the shape, size, and color of the spores to determine the type.

The Inoculation of Substrate with Spore Syringe

To reproduce spores, you must first fruit some mushrooms from the selected mushroom spores. This can be accomplished by inoculating a substrate, such as soil, with nutritions specifically designed for mushroom growth. Different substrates are required for edible, medicinal, and psilocybe mushroom strains to develop.

To colonize 1 liter or 1.05 quarts of substrate, use the mushroom spores syringe and drop 3 milliliters of spore solution. A syringe holds 20 mL of spore solution, which is sufficient to inoculate 6-7 liters of substrate. Simply pour a few milliliters into each corner of the mushroom substrate, and you’re good to go. To assure growth, add some extra spore drops or use a Liquid Culture vial to produce mycelium from the spores before inoculation.

After a few days, white patches of mycelium will begin to form where the spores were dropped. Wait until the mushroom mycelium has colonized the entire substrate before beginning the fruiting phase. When the mushrooms (mycelium fruits) begin to develop and mature, they can be harvested, and their spores can be harvested for preservation. Make a spore print from the tallest and fattest mushroom to obtain a suitable specimen for further study.

How to Store Mushroom Spore Syringe

Proper preservation of these spore syringes is critical to ensuring the spores’ lifetime and efficiency. We will explain how to keep mushroom spore syringes to ensure their durability and effectiveness in this article.

Temperature Requirements

The best temperature for storing mushroom spore syringes is 2 degrees Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit). To avoid destroying the spores or rendering them ineffective, keep the syringes within this temperature range. Storing spore syringes at room temperature or higher temperatures is not recommended since it can cause the spores to lose vitality.

Syringe Care

It is critical to reattach the luer lock to the syringe after each usage. This will help to maintain the spore solution sterile and prevent contamination. If the luer lock is not reattached, the spore solution may dry out or become contaminated.

Shelf Life

The spore syringe should be used within 12 months of purchase. The viability of the spores can deteriorate over time, making them less effective at colonizing the substrate. It is best to use spore syringes as soon as possible after purchasing to ensure the highest success rate possible.

Work Clean

It’s worth noting that mushroom cultivation is a procedure that necessitates meticulous attention to detail and hygiene to reduce contamination hazards. It is essential that you conduct additional study and apply sterile practices to ensure the success of your mushroom cultivating endeavor. To decrease the possibility of contamination, consider utilizing a laminar flow hood or operating in a glovebox.

A simple process

In conclusion, utilizing a spore syringe for P. cubensis mushrooms is a simple procedure that can help you produce your own mushrooms. You may successfully produce these fascinating fungi in your own house with the right supplies, procedures, and care. However, it is critical to remember the necessity of keeping your environment clean in order to increase your chances of success.