Magic Mushroom Grow Kits USA

Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit

Magic mushrooms grow kit is a simpler, more convenient, faster, and less expensive way to enjoy growing your own magic mushrooms at home. We have you covered whether you are a novice grower or an experienced expert. You can get easy-to-use magic mushroom grow kits for beginners or a more customizable grow kit for more fun growing. Magic mushrooms Grow Kits are also known as shrooms, mushies, golden teachers, and liberty caps. Cultivated mushrooms containing psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound. One of the most well-known psychedelics is psilocybin.

Mushroom Spores & Syringes

Ready to start growing your first or next batch of Magic  mushrooms Grow Kits? We offer numerous mushroom strains in the form of a spore syringe or spore print. We adhere to strict conditions, making your spore syringe or spore print 100% viable. They are hydrated in sterile water to make the germination process easier and free from any disease attack. Mushroom grow kits are the most convenient way to begin growing your own mushrooms. Spores can be purchased separately.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits USA are designed to make it as simple as possible to grow magic mushrooms at home. They provide all of the components required to get started. Cheaper Magic Mushroom Grow kits include enough material for a single harvest, which can yield a surprising amount of mushrooms in 3-6 weeks. They are the best option for people who want to get started with mushroom cultivation and maximize their chances of success. More expensive kits include several weeks’ worth of mushroom production as well as various reusable components, allowing you to grow over and over again. These kits frequently include larger setups, more substrate jars or spawn bags, and more sophisticated equipment (such as humidifiers and ventilation).

What the kit includes: 

  • Sterilized grain substrate
  • Pre-pasteurized mushroom compost (casing substrate)
  • Two extra mycobags (for future grows)
  • Reusable mushroom bag clamps
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Innoculation needles (X2)
  • 100 watt light bulb
  • Spray bottle
  • Hygrometer
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Face Mask

What is a Mushroom Grow Kit?

Magic Mushroom grow kits provide the necessary pieces of kit to grow mushrooms yourself. These kits are simple — usually consisting of a small plastic tub with sterilized or pre-colonized substrates (depending on local laws). 

What to Look For in A Mushroom Grow Kit

There are many high-quality mushroom grow kits available online that were not mentioned above. Here are a few questions to ask when deciding whether a mushroom grow kit is worth the money:

  1. Does the kit include spores or live mycelium? 
  2. Does the kit include reusable components, or is it a one-time-use?
  3. What kind of mushrooms can I grow with the kit?
  4. How much space does the kit occupy?
  5. Will I need to buy additional supplies to maintain temperature & light requirements?

If you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to start with something simple. Start here first if you can order live mycelium kits. Once you’ve mastered the process, it’s simple to expand your setup to have more capacity or automate certain processes, such as maintaining humidity levels. When it comes to mushrooms, less is more. I’ve seen far more output from a simple plastic tub with holes drilled in it (dubbed a “shotgun fruiting chamber”) than from expensive, automated setups.

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores

Magic mushroom spores for sale must be ordered separately unless you purchase a pre-colonized mushroom grow kit. Gourmet mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms, lion’s mane, porcini, reishi, and shiitake can be purchased pre-colonized online, but magic mushrooms are only available in certain countries (such as Canada). Because they do not contain active psilocybin, magic mushroom spores are legal in the majority of US states. Look into vendors like Sporeslab or Ralphsters. If you’re not sure which strains to start with, read our guide to magic mushroom strains. Starting with golden teacher mushrooms is a good place to start. They’re the simplest to get started with because they colonize quickly, resist contamination better than most strains, and produce a surprisingly potent mushroom.

What Strain of Mushrooms Should I Start With?

There are hundreds of Psilocybe cubensis strains to choose from. For the most part, they will all grow well. Having said that, some strains have proven to be more resistant to contamination and, as a result, are better options for new growers. Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, Koh Samui, Orissa India, Cambodian, and Z-strain are some of the best strains for beginners to try.

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Although we are no longer permitted to sell magic mushrooms since December 1, 2008, we are permitted to sell magic mushroom grow kits, so you can easily grow them yourself. You can easily grow your own psychedelic magic mushrooms because there are several Psilocybe cubensis strains available. All of our mushroom growing kits are meticulously assembled in a sterile environment. keeps a small stock so that the growing kits can be shipped as soon as possible. There are numerous manufacturers of magic mushroom grow kits. Almost every type of shroom kit available on the market has been thoroughly tested. Only the most dependable psilocybin mushroom cultivation kits are sold by us.

100% Pure Mycelium Grow Kit

The substratum in the Magic Mushroom Growing Kit is made of rye and rice flour, with no cheap fillers like vermiculite and perlite. The spores were developed into mycelium in a sterile laboratory setting. To grow the magic mushrooms from this mycelium, simply place the growing box in a warm, light, and humid environment. This is done with both the transparent grow bag and the paperclips.

Why should you use a 100% mycelium grow kit ?

  • Minimal Effort: The majority of mycelium grow kits only need a good location, water, and a little bit of patience to grow mushrooms.
  • Cost-Effective: A grow-kit is a cost-effective alternative to buy mushrooms, as you can grow enough mushrooms with a kit.
  • Safe: Growing mushrooms with a grow kit is safer than picking mushrooms from the wild.
  • Online: You can buy magic mushroom grow kits online USA, UK, Canada, and Europe because we do worldwide shrooms with proof of shipment.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

These magic mushroom grow kits are definitely what you are looking for! These growing kits are already inoculated with Cubensis spores and the mycelium is fully developed. In a few weeks you will have your first harvest of Shrooms!

  • Golden Teacher
  • McKennaii
  • B+
  • Mexican
  • Thai
  • Mazatapec
  • Cambodian
  • Ecuador

What Kind of Mushrooms Are Easiest To Grow At Home?

Oyster mushrooms are the easiest to grow at home (Pleurotus spp.). They grow extremely quickly, can eat almost anything, and produce an abundance of mushrooms. Psilocybe cubensis (magic mushrooms) are also remarkably easy to grow at home. Other species, such as lion’s mane and reishi, can also be easily cultivated, but they are more picky about the type of substrate used.

Should I Grow Magic Mushrooms or Truffles?

Truffles are slightly easier to grow, but they take longer (up to three months) to mature and aren’t as potent as the same weight of magic mushrooms. When possible, most people prefer to grow mushrooms. Some countries (most notably Holland) only permit the cultivation of mycelium (making truffles legal and mushrooms illegal). Truffles are made up of sclerotia (storage structures consisting of hardened mycelium). They are grown by storing colonized mycelium from specific magic mushroom species in a container (no fruiting stage). Only a few species of magic mushrooms, such as Psilocybe tampanensis and Psilocybe mexicana, can produce sclerotia.

What’s The Best Mushroom Substrate For Beginners?

In general, BRF tek is the best substrate for beginners (brown rice flour and vermiculite). This substrate is simple to make at home, resistant to many types of bacteria found in raw grains, and yields a large number of mushrooms. This substrate mix also eliminates the need for casing. If you can find pre-sterilized kits, rye grain is another excellent substrate for beginners. The tricky part is preparing rye grain because it’s easy to overcook or undercook your rye grains during the sterilization process.