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Buy Magic Mushroom Grow kits GetMagic Online. The GetMagic kits allow you to cultivate your own psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. GetMagic grow kits seem to be new, but they have been on the market for decades; their production process has not changed. We refer to this as the layering strategy. The structure is completed with perlite on the bottom, substrate in the middle, and vermiculite on top. With the GetMagic mushroom grow kit, you can cultivate multiple flushes of the strain of your choice.

Your GetMagic mushroom grow kit contains:

  • Container with 100% mycelium colonized rye substrate, perlite and vermiculite layers
  • Growbag with filters
  • Paperclips

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow kits GetMagic Online

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow kits GetMagic Online. Grow sufficient active mushrooms for weeks of micro- and macrodosing with the 1200 ml Standard grow kit. Very simple to establish and grow With more than 2 liters of substrate, the GetMagic XL kit is analogous to a train: it requires time to get going, but it will always get you where you need to go. You provide the ideal growing conditions, and this kit will flourish and continue to produce fruit. Within two to four weeks, you will have a harvest that spans all dimensions. Simply soak for five minutes and grow. Before using, read, download, or watch the GetMagic Magic Mushrooms kit instructions.

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