Magic Mushroom Spores – Magic Mushroom Spores For Sale

Magic Mushroom Spores – Magic Mushroom Spores For Sale. Numerous individuals compare mushroom spores to plant seeds. They carry genetic material and enable the reproduction of fungi. A single mushroom may generate billions of minute spores. They form in specific structures on the gills or pores of a mushroom. Once the spores have reached maturity, the mushroom releases them, and the wind or animals carry them away. When spores land on an appropriate surface, they germinate and send forth structures known as hyphae. Multiple hyphae interconnect to create a mycelium network. This mycelium expands and thickens as it eats nutrients from its environment. Eventually, when the circumstances are favorable, it produces mushrooms.

The phrase “magic mushroom spores” may apply to the spores of any kind of psilocybin-producing psychedelic fungus. It is often used to characterize the spores of Psilocybe species, such as P. cubensis, P. semilanceata, P. cyanescens, etc. P. cubensis is among the most commonly accessible species. Numerous cubensis strains exist, including Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, and Koh Samui, among others.

Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal?

In the United States, psilocybin is a Schedule I drug, making it illegal on a federal level. Despite the fact that a few places have decriminalized the substance, this is a long cry from complete legalization. Oregon is an outlier, having just approved psilocybin for medical usage under supervision. Despite the existing restrictions on psilocybin-containing mushrooms, their spores remain lawful in the majority of states. It is only prohibited to cultivate them. Therefore, acquiring and owning spores for research under a microscope or as a collector’s item is often permissible.

California, Idaho, and Georgia are the only states where the sale and possession of spores are specifically prohibited. The remaining 47 states have more lenient laws. Additionally, magic mushroom spores are legal in Canada and several regions of Europe.

Is There Psilocybin in Spores?

Because they do not contain psilocybin, magic mushroom spores are lawful in many areas. The psychoactive substance is only present in the mushroom while it grows. Since only the psilocybin-containing portions of the mushrooms are prohibited, possession of the spores is legal. Individuals violate the law only if they germinate the spores and grow mushrooms. In California, Idaho, and Georgia, spores are prohibited even in their non-germinated state.

How to Grow Magic Mushroom Spores

As we have explained, cultivating magic mushrooms is illegal. Although we do not condone this activity, we accept that people will engage in psychedelic use regardless of the law. Growing magic mushrooms is safer than picking them in the wild, where they could be confused with poisonous look-alikes. Therefore, we have summarized the process below for the purpose of education and harm reduction.

Source some spores

  • Germinate the spores on a suitable substrate
  • Incubate the substrate to begin mycelium colonization
  • Create grain spawn using rye, wheat, millet, etc.
  • Inoculate the grain spawn with mycelium
  • Incubate the grain spawn until fully colonized
  • Inoculate the bulk substrate (coco coir, woodchips, etc.)
  • Incubate the bulk substrate
  • Initiate fruiting
  • Harvest

The above steps are a very brief overview of a lengthy and complex process. There are also many alternative ways to grow magic mushrooms from spores, and the steps can vary significantly. To learn more, check out our related articles:

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores

Purchasing spores for magic mushrooms is pretty simple. There are several internet retailers who offer these for “microscopy usage.” However, while exploring internet forums, there are a few of names that appear again.

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