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Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate Online – Magic Mushroom Substrate For Sale. Sunlight provides plants with the energy they need to develop, and they extract water and nutrients from the soil. Fungi, on the other hand, do not need light to thrive and feed on decomposing organic matter in the environment. The mushroom substrate provides the mycelium (the underground portion of a fungus) with energy and sustenance. Consequently, it is the most significant aspect in growing magic mushrooms. If you purchase a mushroom grow kit from Zamnesia, it already includes a suitable substrate (a mixture of perlite and vermiculite) and “spawn,” such as a rye cake infused with mycelium. After some simple preparation, the mycelium in your kit will begin to grow, followed by your mushrooms.

If you want to cultivate mushrooms in large quantities, however, you will need a substrate that is injected with mushroom spores or combined with mushroom spawn. Mycelium spreads throughout the substrate, and at some point, mushrooms (the above-ground fruiting bodies of the fungus) appear. There are several substrates for mushroom growth. Straw or hardwood sawdust, or a mixture of coco coir and vermiculite, are frequent examples. Even coffee grounds and manure can be used as a substrate for mushrooms. Unlike garden soil, mushroom substrates require preparation prior to use. It will be necessary to add water and maybe fertilizers as well. Primarily, you will need to sterilize or pasteurize the substrate.


Mushroom substrates such as straw, wood, and manure contain an abundance of organic substances that your mushrooms will consume as they grow. In addition to these substances, however, substrates may contain mold, bacteria, and other (unwanted) fungi. In fact, these contaminants frequently outgrow your magic mushrooms and compete with them for space and resources. Clearly, you do not desire this. You must eliminate these contaminants so that your mushrooms can thrive. This can be accomplished by sterilizing or pasteurizing the substrate before introducing the mushroom spores.


Using a hot water bath or steam, you heat your substrate to temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Celsius for a couple of hours to pasteurize it. This will not eliminate all harmful microorganisms, but will give your mushrooms a head start. Occasionally, it can be advantageous for particular microorganisms to remain in the substrate.


To sterilise the substrate, you need to heat it to a much higher temperature (120°C+) under pressure. This will eliminate all living microorganisms that would otherwise compete with (or even spoil) your mushrooms.


Whether you need to pasteurise or sterilise depends on the type of substrate you’re using. Those with lower levels of nutrients, such as non-supplemented straw, can be prepared using just pasteurisation. On the other hand, substrates containing very high levels of nutrients, such as supplemented hardwood sawdust, need to be sterilised as they are often contaminated with mould and other kinds of harmful microorganisms.


Not only should a good substrate contain all the organic nutrients necessary for mushroom growth, but it should also be easy to work with and reasonably priced. Understand that there is no “best” option for all mushroom varieties. For this reason, some cultivators enjoy experimenting with various substrates to determine which yields the best results for each type of mushroom.

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