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Mondo Grow Kits For Sale – Buy Mondo Mushroom Grow Kits Online. Mycologists and psilocybin mushroom specialists create Mondo grow kits. The Mondo grow kits are available in a wide range and are easy to construct. Mondo is a revolutionary company that utilizes innovative and cutting-edge organic farming methods. They created their exclusive and exquisite psilocybe magic mushroom breeding stock in Amsterdam, the epicenter of the intelligent drug scene. This assortment is vast and of great quality. A Mondo mushroom grow kit includes Growkits, Spore Syringes, Spore Bottles, and Liquid Cultures for the most experienced psilocybe mushroom cultivator. Mondo avoids flavor-altering additives that, more importantly, can be hazardous to human health. To ensure the quality of their various psilocybe magic mushroom growkits, Mondo has chosen to cultivate solely through biological means.

Is the Mondo a good mushroom growkit?

The Mondo’s setup instructions are remarkably similar to those of the All-in-One magic mushroom growkit. The yields of these two growkits are typically larger than those of FreshMushrooms, but the Mondo growkit requires slightly more effort to set up. However, it is not that horrible overall.

How much does a growkit cost?

4 GROWKITS XL € 175,95 Farmers Box XXL € 212,00 Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom growkit – 1200cc € 64,95 McKennaii All in one Growkit € 18,95 Golden Teacher All in one Growkit € 18,95 Ecuadorian All in one Growkit € 29,95 Colombian All in one Growkit € 18,95 Thai All in one Growkit € 29,95 Mexican All in one Growkit € 18,95 B+ All in one Growkit

Why choose Mondo?

At Mondo we offer step by step guides, share extensive knowledge and make the benefits of psilocybin safely accessible for all. ”Amazing customer service! Prompt communication, kept me in the loop every step of the way.

Where can I buy a Psilocybe magic mushroom grow kit?

At 24High Mushroomshop you can easily buy a psilocybe magic mushroom grow kit or truffles. We have a wide range of mushroom grow kits or truffles of different strengths. Not sure which psilocybe magic mushroom strain or strength suits you best?

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