Where To Buy Mushroom Chocolate Bars: Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

USA Magic Mushroom Grow Kits company that provide high-quality Mushroom Chocolate Bars or Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar for people who want to use psychedelics for their healing effects. Our chocolate bars have just the right amount of psilocybin in them, and they come in a range of tasty flavors.

We know that adding psychedelics to your health routine can be scary, which is why we made our chocolate bars with small doses in mind. This means taking small amounts of psychedelics to improve your happiness and creativity, as well as your ability to concentrate and get things done. Each bar has 3000mg of psilocybin in 10 easy-to-eat squares, which is just the right amount for a microdose.

Our Mushroom Chocolate Bars or Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar are great for people who want to add psilocybin to their health routine but don’t like the taste of raw mushrooms. Mushroom Chocolate Bars or Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar are also great for people who want to try psilocybin but don’t like the taste of raw mushrooms. With our psilocybin chocolate bars, you can get the benefits of psilocybin and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

What are Mushroom Chocolate Bars? 

Magic mushrooms can be eaten or made into tea, but people who have tried both agree that they taste like dirt. People came up with better ways to eat magic mushrooms because of their bad taste. This is why secret treats like mushroom chocolates are becoming more and more popular.

Mushroom Chocolate Bars or Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar are just like any other candy bar, except that they have mushrooms and all of their psychoactive properties in them. When you first eat a mushroom chocolate, it tastes sweet, but it can quickly become too much.

How Strong are These Mushroom Chocolate Bars?

The best way to get high from magic mushrooms is to eat them, which gives you a better high. However, psychedelic mushrooms chocolate bar make it easier to enjoy every bite because they get rid of the bad, earthy taste.

After eating a psychedelic mushrooms chocolate bar, the body turns the psilocybin into psilocin, which changes the way a person sees things in more than one way. The happy and mind-numbing trip can start 20 to 40 minutes after you take it, and the whole thing can last up to six hours.

Microdosing Mushroom Chocolates: What is Microdosing and What Does it Do?

Many people who like magic mushrooms say that microdosing, which means taking small amounts of the drug, is the best way to enjoy the mind-altering benefits without getting too psychedelic. It is done to get the medical benefits of drugs like cannabis, LSD, and in this case, mushrooms. When taken in small amounts, all of these drugs can make people feel calm and creative.

Clinical studies and more research have also shown that microdosing can help people feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally because it makes them think more positively about life. It doesn’t try to blow your mind, but it does give you more peace and spiritual understanding.

Does Cacao Enhance The Effects Of Mushroom Chocolate?

Raw chocolate that hasn’t been processed is a light MAOI. So, when mixed with magic mushrooms, it might make their benefits last a little longer and be stronger. This can be pretty unpleasant with stronger MAOIs, but it can be very attractive with cacao.

This may be why the Aztecs of Central and South America combined cacao and Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in what is sometimes called the “Aztec combo.”

Most chocolate is made from processed cacao, which no longer has MAOIs. So, if you want to add this flavor to your chocolate, you might want to add a little more raw cacao and the mushrooms at the end.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate?

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the method. Making magic mushroom chocolate is pretty straightforward and offers a delicious way to consume shrooms.


  • Cracker-dry magic mushrooms
  • Bars of chocolate (whichever you like most)
  • Raw, unrefined cacao (optional)


  • Large saucepan
  • Glass or metal bowl
  • Stirring spoon
  • Sharp knife or coffee grinder
  • Chocolate moulds or non-stick baking tray
  • Candy or alcohol thermometer (optional)


  • The first thing to do is make sure your magic mushrooms are thoroughly dried.
  • Using your sharp knife or coffee grinder, cut or grind your magic mushrooms into small pieces. The smaller, the better.
  • Break up your chocolate and place it into your glass or metal bowl.
  • Pour some water into your saucepan and then place your glass or metal bowl on top of it to create a DIY bain-marie. Make sure there’s at least an inch of space between the water and the bottom of the bowl.
  • Place the saucepan over medium heat and bring the water to a simmer. As the water simmers, the steam will heat up the chocolate above it, causing it to melt. Stir it gently using a spoon or heatproof spatula.Alternative: If you are struggling to get this to work, you can also place your bowl of chocolate in a microwave on low. However, you will need to keep a very close eye on your chocolate, as it can easily burn if microwaved too long.
  • Once the chocolate is fully melted, allow it to cool for a minute. Remember, it should be below 70°C. You can use a candy or alcohol thermometer if you want to be totally sure the temperature is below this threshold.
  • Once the chocolate has cooled a little, but is still liquid, add in your finely cut or grinded mushrooms. At this point, also add the raw cacao powder if you are using it.
  • Stir the chocolate mix so that the mushrooms (and cacao) are evenly distributed throughout it.
  • Carefully pour it into your moulds, and then place them in the fridge to cool and set.
  • Once your shroom chocolate has set, enjoy!

Can You Make Chocolate With Magic Truffles?

Yes, you can. It will work with either mushrooms or truffles, as long as they are completely dry. Both magic mushrooms and magic truffles have the same active ingredients, so they have the same affects.

How To Dose Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars?

It’s easy to figure out how much magic mushroom chocolate to eat. All you have to do to make mushroom chocolate is use one normal amount of mushrooms per serving.

If you want to make one mushroom chocolate bar for two people to share, use two doses of magic mushrooms and spread them out evenly across the bar. This will be about one dose for every half. Still, it can be hard to make sure that your chocolate is spread out evenly.

Be careful with your first dose, especially if you have never tried psilocybin before. There’s a chance that one dose has more than you planned, giving you a bigger high than you expected. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you grind and mix your mushrooms well. But when it comes to dosage, always err on the side of caution.

How Long Does Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Last?

There is no one answer, and most of the time it depends on the magic mushroom chocolate bar. If the chocolate stays sealed and in a cool, dark place, its psychoactive qualities will probably last for at least a year. The good news is that chocolate usually doesn’t go bad in a way that is especially dangerous, even though it can taste bad.

Making Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars: Not So Difficult

As you can probably tell, it is very easy to make magic mushroom chocolate bars. You don’t need anything special besides the psychoactive mushrooms, so there’s no reason not to try it (unless you don’t like chocolate).

Also, keep in mind that the above method is just a starting point; feel free to change it up. Why not add some nuts and dried fruit? Or salt and caramel? Be thoughtful and have fun no matter what you do.

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