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Mushroom Grain Spawn Online – Mushroom Grain Spawn For Sale. Looking for Grain Spawn and not sure where to begin? Start here. Below is some information and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our Grain Spawn. If the information you’re looking for can’t be found below, feel free to reach out to our customer service team via phone or email!

Fungi Perfecti’s Grain Spawn comes in two forms.

The first form is a first- or second-generation Grain Master in a reusable 1-gallon glass jar fitted with an Autoclavable lid and Synthetic Filter Disc (approximate yield per jar: 2/3 gallon). The second is a Grain Master of the first or second generation in a disposable Spawn Bag with Filter Patch. Each Grain Master’s mass can be multiplied by a factor of one thousand. These are certified organic by the Department of Agriculture in Washington. Each order of Grain Spawn is custom-made and requires a 4-8 week lead time from the order date.

When should I order my spawn/culture in relation to when I plan to use/expand it?

Order processing and delivery times vary significantly based on the production lab’s schedule and the species you order. Once an order is placed, delivery can take anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks. First, a terms of service agreement and payment must be completed and returned. Then, a shipping ETA is determined, which is at least four weeks after the order is placed. Please keep in mind that some species require more time to mature than others, which may impact the turnaround time.

Terms of Use Sale Agreement for Fungi Perfecti’s Grain Spawn

When you place an order for Fungi Perfecti’s Pure Mushroom Grain Spawn, you will be required to read and acknowledge a Terms of Use Sale Agreement prior to delivery. The text for this agreement is available for viewing online:

Why do I need to sign an agreement for Grain Spawn and Cultures?

We enjoy healthy competition, but we have spent a significant amount of time discovering and developing our genetics. Essentially, if you wish to create products that compete with ours on the market, you must conduct your own research and source your own mushroom strains. However, cultivation and sale of mushrooms grown from our strains are permitted.

What should I expect when it arrives?

When our spawn/cultures embark, they will be fully colonized and at their maximum viability. Immediately remove outer plastic bags from spawn to allow gas exchange through the sterile filter patch/disk. It is best to allow spawn to rest for at least 24 hours after arrival, in case shipping-related damage has occurred. Keep an eye out for new growth and inspect for contamination. Take photographs and notify us immediately of any defects. Within ten days, cultures should be backed up, and Grain Spawn should be expanded before being stored in a clean environment.

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