Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits or All of our mushroom cultivation kits are meticulously crafted in a clean laboratory. We maintain a limited supply, so grow kits are dispatched as quickly as possible. There are many of manufacturers of mushroom cultivation kits. We have submitted practically every kind of mushroom kit available on the market to extensive testing. In our inventory, we only offer the most dependable and high-yielding grow kits. Due to the dynamism of the industry, we continue to test new kinds of kits in search of those that satisfy our criteria. Where To Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits.

What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

A mushroom grow kit is a way to easily grow your own magic mushrooms. The Mushroom Grow kit contains:

  • 1x grow box with substrate containing living mycelium (the spores that have developed)
  • 1x transparent grow bag with airfilter
  • 2x paperclips

The substrate included in the Magic Mushroom grow kit is made up of rye, riceflour, vermiculite, and perlite. The transformation of spores into mycelium has occurred in a sterile laboratory. The sole need for growing magic mushrooms from this mycelium is to place the grow box in a warm, bright, and humid environment.

Use the clear grow bag and the paperclip for this. To develop the kit, you will need access to pure tapwater or mineral water and a warm area with a temperature between 18°C and 29°C. Everything is described simply in the documentation for the magic mushroom growkit. It also provides instructions and suggestions for maximizing the yield of the kit. Note that not all grow kits offer identical instructions!

What Can go Wrong With the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit?

Ensure that the contents of the carton box are undamaged upon delivery. The plastic growbox’s lid must be securely fastened and sealed with a plastic seal. When one or both are removed during shipment, please call us immediately. Before beginning, read the grow kit instructions carefully and completely. Then, very little can go wrong. Before placing your hands into the grow bag, be careful to properly wash your hands with soap or antibacterial handgel (or use sterile gloves) to reduce the danger of bacterial and fungal infection. Never inhale inside the growbag!

How to Grow Successfully From Your Mushroom Grow Kit

The temperature in the grow kit and grow bag should be right for the magic mushrooms to grow. Make sure that the kit stays between 18°C and 29°C (23°C is optimal), also at night. When the temperature is higher or lower than this, the mushrooms will either grow very slow or not at all. Eventually producing less mushrooms than could be expected.
Do not put the grow kit in direct sunlight, because it will be too hot for the mushrooms to grow and the substratum will dry out, not producing mushrooms. When the mushrooms are almost mature, pick them right away. In the manual is written how to recognize ripe ones. When you pick them too late, they will drop their spores. This will make the contents of the grow bag color black as you can see in the pictur
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