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Where To Buy Mushrooms Online – Magic Mushrooms For Sale USA. Psilocybin mushrooms are mushrooms that occur naturally and contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin. There are over 180 species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin and can induce hallucinogenic/psychedelic effects when consumed. The body converts psilocybin to psilocin, which is the compound responsible for their psychoactive effects. In addition to baeocystin and norbaeocystin, which are frequently present in trace amounts, the extent to which they contribute to the overall effects is unknown.

The small and potent liberty cap mushroom (Psilocybe semilanceata) is likely the most widespread and common species in Europe. Other species are found in the wild, while Psilocybe cubensis is grown in captivity. Even though the psychoactive effects of every type of “magic mushroom” are caused by psilocybin, different types of psilocybin mushrooms can have different types of psychedelic effects, and science is still investigating how the type and intensity of these effects can vary between strains.

What are the different forms of psilocybin mushrooms?

Mycelium spores are used to develop psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms are naturally occurring; they either sprout from the ground or are farmed. Various types of psilocybin mushrooms grow naturally all over the globe, and it has been documented that some individuals forage for them.

However, picking these mushrooms on your own might be perilous. There are about 10,000 recognized mushroom species, some of which are toxic to humans. Without awareness of the varied sorts, species, and hazards of various fungi, it is simple to mistake one mushroom for another and choose one that will induce coma as opposed to a psychedelic experience.
Mushrooms are around 90% water, therefore when dried they lose approximately 90% of their bulk. This implies that a dried dosage of magic mushrooms will weigh about 10 times less than a fresh dose. If moisture is not drained from mushrooms when they are harvested, they may soon decay, which kills both the mushroom and the psilocybin it contains. Consuming spoiled magic mushrooms is never a smart idea, since the mold will induce serious gastrointestinal problems without any psychedelic effects.

As psilocybin mushrooms are prohibited in practically every nation, the market for magic mushrooms is uncontrolled and unlawful. Fresh or dried, the risk of acquiring magic mushrooms is that, unless you are an expert, you will not know which strain you are getting. There are several varieties of psilocybe mushrooms, with some being more potent than others. If you consume a dosage of what you perceive to be a weak strain, you may experience unexpected and undesirable side effects if it turns out to be a different or stronger strain.
The powdered form of magic mushrooms can be sold as capsules or as the powder itself. The risks associated with purchasing or receiving psilocybin in this form are greater than those associated with fresh or dried psilocybin. It is much simpler to adulterate powder, which greatly increases the likelihood that substances of unknown origin, quality, and quantity have been added to what you believe to be pure psilocybin powder.
Consuming mushrooms
It is essential to recognize that the potency of natural products can vary even within the same species and across locations. Fresh or dried, psilocybin mushrooms can be consumed in a variety of ways, such as brewing them into a tea, adding them to food, grinding them up, or consuming them on their own. Due to the high water content of mushrooms, a dose of fresh mushrooms weighs approximately 10 times more than the same dose of dried mushrooms. Microdosing psilocybin is becoming increasingly popular, but there is currently very little research on the topic.

Do psilocybin mushrooms have medical uses?

There are potential medical uses for psilocybin mushrooms in the treatment of mental illnesses and disorders such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and PTSD, as well as potential therapeutic uses for counseling and even grief.

Numerous studies (most notably by David Nutt and Imperial College, London) have investigated the efficacy of psilocybin mushrooms in the treatment of depression. The results of these research indicate a strong link between controlled psilocybin experiences and a reduction in depressive symptoms in individuals, often after only one psilocybin trip.

Microdosing psilocybin (taking an amount far less than that which would generate psychedelic effects) has also been linked to the treatment of migraines and cluster headaches, according to studies. However, there is currently very little study on microdosing, and many feel the benefits are merely placebo.

Medical administration of psilocybin for therapeutic reasons should only be performed by licensed medical experts; you should not administer psilocybin yourself. Continued research is being conducted on psilocybin treatment; for additional information on the medicinal uses of psilocybin based on clinical studies, visit here.

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