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Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Online  – Magic Mushroom Grow Kits For Sale. Within 10 days of receiving your order, you may harvest your own magic mushrooms using our simple-to-use grow kits. Our grow kits include fully established mycelium, thus no specific expertise is necessary; the task has already been accomplished. There are several strains of magic mushrooms to pick from, ranging from the strong McKennai strain to the wildly famous Golden Teacher or Mexican. Our kits for cultivating magic mushrooms are available in a number of sizes and are delivered to your house in pristine condition.

Magic Mushroom Grow kit For Sale USA

With our magic mushroom cultivation kits, magic mushrooms can be cultivated at home. Each grow kit yields multiple mushroom harvests in a matter of weeks. Buying a grow kit enables you to enjoy psychedelic fun without relying on shady dealers or risking your safety by foraging in the wild. The species guide on our website will help you find precisely what you’re looking for, whether it’s a milder trip for a beginner or an intense psychedelic journey for an experienced psychonaut. Check out our assortment of magic mushroom grow kits if the idea of growing your own shrooms appeals to you. Only water and care are required for our pre-grown mycelium. You may soon be harvesting your very own magical mushrooms!

A magic mushroom grow kit makes growing magic mushrooms at home simple and risk-free. Our easy-to-use psilocybin mushroom grow kits are shipped directly to your home with fully grown and infected mycelium – we’ve done all the hard work for you! You may even select the strain of enchanted mushrooms you desire, ranging from the mildest to the most potent on the market. With our grow kits, you eliminate all risks associated with mushroom hunting in the wild, and you can reuse each kit multiple times!

Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain the naturally occurring psychoactive compound psilocybin. They can be found in the wild or they can be grown in grow kits. Psilocybin is one of the most well-known and popular psychedelics, and its natural hallucinogenic properties are becoming essential to the new mental health care revolution as a promising treatment for conditions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Not forgetting, of course, the reason they have been popular for millennia with everyone from the Aztecs to contemporary psychonauts: the life-affirming, perspective-shifting, and exhilarating psychedelic experiences they offer. Mushrooms have been ranked as the least addictive and safest recreational drug. They can be consumed both fresh and dried.

We have four magic mushroom kits to choose from — The MAX, the X, the GO and the OHM. They are all easy to use, and all offer a crop of the freshest magic mushrooms available. Here’s how they weigh up:

The X Kit: The X Kit is a round, compact little kit that can yield up to a mighty 160g from its 250ml volume. It does not require a heating mat and can stay unopened in the fridge at 4º C for -/+2 months. Some say the X kit is slightly faster than the GO, but both will produce pinheads in around 10 days.

The GO Kit: The GO Kit is another compact kit, harvesting up to 150g of fresh magic mushrooms. Also able to keep in the fridge unopened for 2 months, if the temperature of your home is below 23º C then you will need a heating mat to fire up this kit.

The OHM Kit: The OHM Kit is the larger version of the X Kit, yielding up to 350g of magic mushrooms. Just like the X Kit it doesn’t need a heating mat, stores for -/+2 months, and has a grow to harvest of 10-25 days.

The MAX Kit: The Max Kit is the larger version of the GO Kit. It can yield up to 300g of fresh magic mushrooms. Like the GO Kit it requires a heating mat if the atmospheric temperature is below 23º C (meaning it’s great to order to hotter climates), but can last in the fridge for +/-2 months at 4º C and takes around 10 days to start showing pinheads.

Our kits for growing magic mushrooms are extremely user-friendly! However, you must take a few precautions. Even though each kit is delivered to your door pre-inoculated and ready to use, there are substantial differences between them. You have access to a comprehensive Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Manual, which is fortunate. Simply locate the name of the desired kit and follow the instructions included. Since the X and OHM kits are identical kits in different sizes, their instructions are identical. Despite their different sizes, this is also true for the GO, MAX, and MEGA kits; the instructions remain the same. Our manual also explains how to use your kit to produce multiple flushes, or harvests, resulting in an abundance of mushrooms for you.

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