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Buy Magic Mushrooms Kit UK Online – Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits For Sale . Magic mushrooms are often known as shrooms, mushies, golden teachers and caps of liberty. Cultivated mushrooms, containing psilocybin, a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that occurs naturally. Psilocybin is regarded as one of the most well-known psychedelics.

Where to buy magic mushrooms?

Although we are no longer permitted to sell magic mushrooms as of December 1, 2008, we are permitted to sell magic mushroom cultivation kits, so you can grow them yourself. There are numerous Psilocybe cubensis strains available, making it easy to cultivate your own psychedelic magic mushrooms. Each of our mushroom growing kits is expertly assembled in a sanitary environment. maintains a small inventory in order to expedite the shipment of growing kits. There are plenty of companies that produce mushroom growing kits. Almost every kind of mushroom growth kit on the market has been subjected to rigorous testing. Our company sells only the most dependable psilocybin mushroom growth kits.

100% pure mycelium grow kit

There are no inexpensive fillers such as vermiculite and perlite in the Magic Mushroom Growing Kit’s substrate, which is composed of rye and rice flour. In a sterile laboratory, the transformation of spores into mycelium was carried out. To cultivate magic mushrooms from this mycelium, it is only necessary to place the growing box in a warm, bright, and moist environment. This requires both the clear grow bag and the paperclips.

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