With our 920 Magic Mystery Box Grow Kit, you can unleash the Mushroom Month magic. Each limited edition kit contains a top-tier grow kit, crucial grow tools, rare goods, and mind-boggling goodies. Improve your mycology skills and reap abundant harvests of your own homegrown shrooms in no time. Are you ready to go on a trip?



920 Magic Mystery Box Grow Kit: An Exclusive Treasure Trove For Fungi Lovers

The 920 Magic Mystery Box Grow Kit is a limited edition treasure chest for mushroom fans and budding mycologists alike. This exceptional product is the crowning achievement of our Mushroom Month promotion, an exclusive celebration of the mystical world of mushrooms. Prepare to go on a journey of discovery and delight as you use this magical kit to reveal the secrets of the mycelium world.

A premium-quality magic mushroom grow kit is at the heart of our Mystery Box, meticulously selected to assure an abundant crop of potent fungus that will transport you far beyond reality.

Even beginners may develop their own batch of magic mushrooms at home with our simple instructions and supplied grow supplies. If you’re a seasoned mycologist, you’ll appreciate this kit’s unique assortment of shroom types.

But wait, there’s more: each 920 Magic Mystery Grow Kit comes in a custom designed box chock-full of goodies, including original Zamnesia gear expressing your love of mushrooms in style, presents, and more. Remember that these kits are only available during Mushroom Month, so don’t pass them up.

Whether you’re a die-hard mycophile or just curious about the world of magic mushrooms, this package guarantees an unforgettable adventure into the fungal kingdom. Order yours today and watch the magic happen!

We also have surprise truffle boxes with truffles ready to go if you prefer a more immediate version of our psychedelic party. Examine it out!



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