Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms For Sale

Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis A+) For Sale. Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms are related to A+ Magic Mushrooms. This strain is the outcome of exposing Albino A+ to more natural sunlight, which resulted in the elimination of the “Albino” feature and the production of golden-capped mushrooms. A+ Mushrooms are medium in size, have a silvery hue, and have caramel-colored caps that are not brown. The A+ strain is a descendent of the Mexicana strain, so expect shamanic effects like as colorful visuals and an in-depth study of your thoughts and emotions. Laughter is a component of the A+ magic mushroom experience when shared with a group. A+ fungi may be consumed alone for introspection or with a group of friends for ab-toning laughter.




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Buy A+ Magic Mushrooms Online. A+ Albino Magic Mushrooms are closely linked to A+ Magic Mushrooms. This strain is the consequence of exposing Albino A+ to more sunshine, which resulted in the loss of the “Albino” trait and the development of mushrooms with golden caps. A+ Mushrooms are medium-sized, silvery in color, and have caramel-colored caps that are not brown. The A+ strain is a descendant of the Mexicana strain, so you may anticipate shamanic effects like as vivid visions and in-depth analysis of your thoughts and emotions. When shared with a group, an A+ magic mushroom experience includes laughter. A+ fungus may be taken alone for contemplation or with a group of pals for belly-aching laughing.

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A+ Magic Mushrooms For Sale

A+ Albino Magic Mushrooms are closely linked to A+ Magic Mushrooms. This strain is the consequence of exposing Albino A+ to more sunshine, which resulted in the loss of the “Albino” trait and the development of mushrooms with golden caps. A+ Mushrooms are medium-sized, silvery in color, and have caramel-colored caps that are not brown. The A+ strain is a descendant of the Mexicana strain, so you may anticipate shamanic effects like as vivid visions and in-depth analysis of your thoughts and emotions. When shared with a group, an A+ magic mushroom experience includes laughter. A+ fungus may be taken alone for contemplation or with a group of pals for belly-aching laughing. After 10 to 30 minutes of taking A+ magic mushrooms, your temperament will become pleasant and energizing. Depending on the dose, visual benefits may range from minor to severe. The environment will seem more vibrant, and you may find yourself introspecting. You will have a greater appreciation for music and art, and maybe a more personal relationship to it. Regular museum dosage (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should offer three to six hours of trip duration. Please visit our FAQ section for further information.


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Psilocybin and psilocin are the active ingredients in magic mushrooms. Hallucinogens, these chemicals have been utilized by humans for thousands of years. There are around 75 subtropical magic mushroom species. Due to the resemblance of several species, it might be difficult to tell them apart. The two hallucinogenic chemicals found in magic mushrooms (psilocybin and psilocyn) cause an altered state of consciousness in those who ingest them.


A: Micro-dosing means to take a miniscule/non intoxicating dose to achieve the benefits to health. It is the administration of doses so low that they will not provide a full body effect but high enough for a cellular response and positive change.


There are many benefits to consuming magic mushrooms, and they have been used in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. The benefits of magic mushrooms are being recognized in a big way.

  1. Studies have shown “a single dose of psilocybin produced substantial and enduring decreases in depressed mood and anxiety along with increases in quality of life” (Journal of Psychopharmacolocy).
  2. The mystical and profound experiences that so many have experienced since the 1960s in American culture are now being explored in mainstream medical science. The results are compelling and paint a proven, positive, symbiotic picture of magic mushrooms as a power healer.
  3. Clinical trials are being run to use magic mushrooms on patients with life-threatening cancer. These trials are trying to understand how a high magic mushroom dose administered in a therapeutic environment can reduce psychological stress and anxiety that comes with life-threatening diagnosis.
  4. Psilocybin is proven to improve neuroplasticity. This is the brain’s ability to learn and grow and change.
  5. Magic mushrooms treats Cluster headaches. Anecdotal evidence suggests in the 2000s, medical professionals started taking notice of psilocybin and LSD as a possible treatment for cluster headaches after some of their patients reported remission following a recreational use of psychedelics.
  6. Magic mushrooms have successfully reduced symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in a small study of patients who did not respond to conventional serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI) drug therapy.
  7. Magic mushrooms have been used as part of an assisted treatment plan to treat alcoholism. Reports show that significant reduction in drinking and abstinence from drinking were reported when magic mushrooms were administered as part of the treatment program.
  8. Magic mushrooms have been used in a recent trial to help people quit smoking tobacco. In this trial, two to three treatment sessions with psilocybin as part of a larger cognitive-behavioral therapy program for smoking cessation had an 80% success rate. 12 out of the 15 subjects were able to quit smoking! Conventional smoking cessation approaches such as gum, patches, cold turkey, etc. have about 35% success rate.
  9. Last but not least, it is fun.


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There are 5 best ways to consume magic mushrooms

  1. Straight up chew and swallow – The most usual way to ingest magic mushrooms is simply by eating them. Remember to chew. Effects will kick in typically after 30-45 minutes. The fuller your stomach the longer it will take for effects to begin: consuming mushrooms on an empty stomach, or with very little food, gives a shorter onset and stronger kick-in.
  2. Tea – Consider making a magic brew. Simply crush up the desired amount and place it in a tea bag or let it steep in hot water. Do not boil as high temperatures will destroy the active ingredients. Mix it with your favorite flavor of tea to improve taste.
  3. Capsules – Usually used when taking a micro-dose. Grinder up the magic mushrooms and fill empty gelatin or vegan capsules. The capsules only hold micro-dose doses. You do have the option to take multiple to feel full effects if desired. Capsules hide all taste and makes consumption very discreet.
  4. Psilocybin Edibles – Magic mushrooms can be added to virtually any food. The trick is whatever your recipe may be, avoid adding the mushrooms during any cooking stage. Under excessive heat magic mushrooms lose their potency. Baking mushrooms on top of a pizza, for example would result in reduced effects. Try adding magic mushrooms to sauces or toppings after the cooking is complete.
  5. Lemon Tek – Grind up your mushrooms into a powder. Place powder in a cup and squeeze enough lemon juice to cover the powder. Stir and leave it for 20 minutes. Do not leave longer than 20 minutes. Fill glass with water, stir evenly and drink. This method is to create a stronger effect because of the acidic lemon juice amplifying the psilocybin. Start with half of your desired dosage.


Dosage can vary from person to person. Here are a few ways to determine your dose as per The Third Wave(

  • Microdose (0.05-0.25g):
  • Mini-dose (0.25-0.75g):
  • Museum dose (0.5-1.5g):
  • Moderate dose (2-3.5g):
  • Mega dose (5g+):


There are a several validated and widely used microdosing strategies. If this is your first time using psychedelic substances, begin with Dr. Fadiman’s method. If, after testing, you wish a greater result, try the approach of a workaholic.


Dr. Fadiman recommends taking one microdose every 3 days to prevent changes of tolerance over time. Take 1 microdose pill (Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) each morning with breakfast on the indicated days below:

  • Week 1: Mon/Thu/Sun
  • Week 2: Wed/Sat
  • Week 3: Tues/Fri
  • Week 4: Mon/Thu/Sun


This program is aimed for those who want to flourish in their professional and creative endeavors. We recommend utilizing this approach after trying Dr. Fadiman’s approach. This strategy requires a daily microdose throughout the week, while the weekends are left open for recovery to baseline, in case the effect changes over time. On the specified mornings, take 1 microdose capsule (Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) with breakfast.

  • Week 1: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
  • Week 2: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
  • Week 3: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
  • Week 4: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri


Try this procedure if you discover that Dr. Fadiman’s approach is not producing the desired results. Similar to Dr. Fadiman’s technique, except microdose every other day instead of every three days. Microdoses are taken three to four times a week. Take 1 microdose capsule (Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) with breakfast each morning on the designated days.

  • Week 1: Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
  • Week 2: Tue/Thu/Sat
  • Week 3: Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
  • Week 4: Tue/Thu/Sat


Due to the fact that a microdose is intended to be non-psychoactive, it is impossible to quantify its effects without being highly aware. Self-reflection is necessary to comprehend your progress. This “Check Yourself” checklist may be used to monitor the consequences. Most likely, you will not be impacted in all areas, but it is essential to do a thorough analysis of the impacts. There are seven areas to monitor:

  1. Mental: Notice the thoughts running through your mind. Are they the same as usual, or different in nature? Are you having more or fewer thoughts than usual? In general, is your mind more clear or more cluttered?
  2. Creative: Are you finding new qualities in things, like stories in objects? Do you find your mind wandering in directions it doesn’t usually? Are you getting more ideas than usual? Do solutions to problems come more easily?
  3. Emotional: Do your feelings take on any different qualities than before? Are there more or fewer feelings experienced than usual? How quickly do you process them before reaching a resolution and moving on? Is sex better, or a different quality?
  4. Social: How are you expressing your thoughts and feelings? Are there any changes in the pacing, tone, or nature of your speech? What about your facial expressions? Do you smile more or less? What frequency do you agree or disagree with someone in conversation? Do you talk differently with your coworkers, spouse, friends and family? The barista at the local coffee shop?
  5. Body: Take a look at how aware (or not aware) you are of your body. Now zoom in on the body by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Slow your mind and place your full attention on any sensations in your body. Do you notice anything?
  6. Capabilities: Notice if you’re more able to complete certain tasks than usual. This might manifest as changes in attention span, physical/visual acuity, verbal fluidity, problem solving ability, empathy, different areas of awareness, and so on.
  7. Outlook: Are you more positive or negative? More optimistic or pessimistic? More or less skeptical? More fearful and guarded, or open to possibilities Feelings of oneness, universality, truth, connectedness, love, or peace are also in this area.


Yes, this is an indication that the mushrooms contain psilocybin, this is the difference between regular mushrooms and magic mushrooms.


NEVER mix magic mushrooms with other drugs, this includes alcohol and cannabis.

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