Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks For Sale

Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks For Sale. The Psilocybe Galindoii is a mysterious sclerotia producing strain. First identified as the Psilocybe Atlantis but after further research it was given the name p.galindoi or Galindoi. This Magic Truffle will bring you to visual heights! Open and close eyed visuals can be experienced!



Buy Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks Online

Buy Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks Online. Typically, the early benefits of Magic Truffles are felt 30 minutes or even 10 minutes after consumption. These side effects may include, but are not limited to, sweaty palms, sighs, chills, a feeling of unease, and nausea. As the effects build, the trip develops from euphoria and pleasure to anxiety. Potential adverse effects include visions, hallucinations, and intimate bonds with other psychonauts. Low doses of Magic Truffles may induce feelings of euphoria and drunkenness. In this circumstance, communication is straightforward and environmental awareness is intact. By modifying reality, higher doses of Magic Truffles may create hallucinations. The active chemicals in Magic Truffles are psilocin and psilocybin. Magic Mushrooms Galindoi Truffles


15 grams of Magic Truffles. In vacuum-packed package.

Storing and preserving Magic Truffles

Buy Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks online. Always keep Magic Truffles in the fridge (2-4 °C) in closed (vacuum sealed) packaging. If kept in this method, you may keep the Truffles until the best before date. After breaching the vacuum seal, the Truffles may be stored for up to 2 days without losing their efficacy.

Effects of Magic Truffles

The active chemicals in Magic Truffles are psilocin and psilocybin. Both substances are quickly absorbed by the human body and are responsible for the psychedelic effects of Magic Truffles. Further investigate psilocin and psilocybin. In modest quantities, eating Magic Truffles may promote euphoria and intoxication. You are still able to communicate and are aware of your surroundings at this stage. In larger doses, Magic Truffles may induce hallucinations and change reality.

30 minutes (or potentially 10 minutes) after ingesting Magic Truffles, the first effects may become visible. These side effects may include, but are not limited to, hot hands, sighs, shivering, an unpleasant mood, and nausea. As the effects intensify, the trip progresses toward pleasure and happiness, yet anxiety may arise. Possible adverse effects include visions, hallucinations, and profound bonds with other psychonauts.

After an hour, the effects of Magic Truffles often cease to amplify and become steady. Depending on the quantity ingested, they usually last between three and five hours. The effects normally continue between 1 and 2 hours after this time. This fading often happens in waves, producing the appearance that the trip has ended before the effects return in full force. Therefore, you need carefully arrange your trip and guarantee that you have no responsibilities on the day you will meet truffles. You may have nausea or vomiting during the first hour of your trip. Typically, this sensation subsides as the benefits of Magic Truffles strengthen. What you will see and feel during a Magic Truffle adventure is greatly dependant on your frame of mind and the atmosphere of the journey.

The local environment and your mental state in the days before a vacation have a big impact on your travel experiences. A hurried and difficult week may result in a stressful journey, but it may also conclude with fresh ideas and renewed vigor. In conclusion, Magic Truffles should only be taken by those who are emotionally stable and at peace. Take Magic Truffles only in a calm or comfortable environment, ideally with a trusted companion. There is nothing more uncomfortable than falling and giving people anguish. Learn how to properly use Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms.

Dose of Magic Truffles

Galindoi Truffles are regarded as moderate to powerful Truffles. In smaller dosages, they are acceptable for novices.

  • For a microdose, consume 0.2 – 0.5 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For a light trip, consume 5-7 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For a powerful trip, consume 10 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For an overpowering journey, ingest 15 grams of Magic Truffles per person.

Use of Magic Truffles

Eat Magic Truffles uncooked. Consume on an empty stomach for optimal results. Ensure that you consume your final meal at least two to four hours prior to departure. We advised avoiding caffeinated beverages. This facilitates the body’s absorption of the psychoactive compounds and also provides protection against disease. Dislike the flavor of Magic Truffles? Consume truffles with a handful of almonds, some tea, or in a soup to mask their flavor. Never boil truffles; this diminishes their potency!


  • Don’t mix with other medications and/or alcohol.
  • Don’t use in conjunction with medicine and MAO inhibitors.
  • Don’t use in situations of depression or susceptibility to psychosis.
  • Don’t use while pregnant or nursing.
  • Don’t use if younger than 18 years of age.


Both truffles and sclerotium are forms of life. There is a possibility that air (particularly CO2) is trapped within the box. This will lead the sclerotia to continue to grow and the outside of the truffles to develop white “hairs.” This mycelium demonstrates that truffles are healthful. This culinary item has no impact on the journey.

Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks For Sale Online

Productcode sc-mcMR
Weight (KG) 0.1000
Portions 1 – 2
Species Psilocybe galindoi
Origin Mexico
Contents 15g
Potency High


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