Copelandia Florida, named for its home state in the United States, provides visual effects that outperform any cubensis species in terms of potency. With our simple-to-use grow kit, you can now develop this cultivar at home. With everything you need in one box, you can easily get numerous flushes out of this kit, ensuring that you enjoy fantastic effects for a long time.



Zamnesia – Copelandia Florida Grow Kit: Psilocybin Insights, Florida Style!

Copelandia Florida (Panaeolus cyanescens) is a species of magic mushroom that was discovered in Bunnell, Florida. It has a tall, slender appearance and a lot of power.

This cultivar has at least four times the power of cubensis and can be grown at home using our simple grow kit. Regardless of your degree of cultivation expertise, you can have a plethora of psilocybin-packed shrooms ready to use in a matter of minutes.

With everything you need in one compact kit, you may harvest approximately 100-130g of fresh mushrooms. However, this isn’t a “one and done” procedure; you can obtain numerous flushes per kit, totaling roughly 3-5 in the right conditions.

The appropriate temperature is crucial for your mushrooms to thrive, and Copelandia Florida thrives best at temperatures ranging from 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. You simply cannot go wrong if you provide plenty of fresh air and proper humidity throughout the development period.

You may notice that your mushrooms are slow to grow at first, but following flushes happen quickly, in around four days. This is a quick-growing cultivar that produces shrooms with great visuals.

Growing Copelandia Florida mushrooms differs differently from growing P. cubensis mushrooms, so be sure to read the dedicated instruction booklet for optimal results.


  • 1 grow kit of fully colonised horse dung
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 cups of topsoil
  • 1 paperclip
Volume 1200ML
Brand Copelandia
Strain Florida


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