Psilocybe cubensis “B+” is a popular magic mushroom strain for good cause. The gorgeous fruit-bodies that are abundantly produced can reach a size of 30cm, and the term “B+” relates to its effect. With these kits, you can harvest many flushes (4 flushes is about the bare minimum, providing you don’t act completely idiotic), and all you need is a little patience.



Grow Kit By Fresh Mushrooms ‘b+’: True To Its Name

One of the reasons Psilocybe cubensis “B+” is such a famous magic mushroom strain is the abundance of magnificent fruit-bodies that can grow to be up to 30cm in size. Another reason for its popularity is because it lives up to its name, as the term “B+” is not a coincidence, but rather relates to its effect.

Furthermore, the risk for nausea at the start of the trip is less pronounced than in other strains. Fresh Mushrooms’ magic mushroom grow kits contain no bulking agents and are comprised of a 1200ml cake of 100% colonized substrate. Unless you act completely idiotic, you will witness at least four flushes!


  • 1200ml cultivation box
  • Grow bag
  • 2 Paper clips
Volume 1200ML
Brand Fresh Mushrooms
Strain B+


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