Buy Jeanneret Party Snacks Mushroom Capsules Online

Buy Jeanneret Party Snacks Mushroom Capsules Online. Life has just become somewhat more intriguing. The party starter par excellence. 0.25 grammes of Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, Bee Pollen, and Siberian Ginseng are included in Jeanneret Party Snacks.

These pills, sometimes known as “Scooby Snacks,” contain a greater amount of magic mushroom than microdosing, allowing the user to experience the euphoric effects more immediately. Not intended for travel, Party Snacks are ideal for a night out dancing, camping, a dinner party, or a relaxing day at the beach.

  • Each pack of Jeanneret Party Snacks Mushroom Capsules come in a 10-pack of capsule pills.
  • Each 500mg Capsule Contains: 250mg Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, 125mg Bee Pollen, and 125mg Siberian Ginseng.


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