Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Kit For Sale

Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Kit For Sale. The newest and finest magic mushroom strain. The Moby Dick is the progeny of the Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. This combination produces a trip that is extremely well-balanced, potent, and well-known for its heightened psychedelic effects. If you’re looking for an extraterrestrial journey, the Moby Dick is your best bet.
  • Blend Between Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. Get the best of both worlds with this strain. This is a cross between both of these wildly popular and consistently excellent strains. Now you can have a balance between the two for a unique high.
  • Powerful, Unique and Surreal High. If you’ve wanted to go to heaven and back, this is the way to do so. Because it’s the result of a cross between the two mushroom types, the effects this mushroom will have on you are incredible.
  • Extreme Psychedelic Effects. You’ll be able to see, hear, taste and overall experience things in a completely different way when you take a trip with this magic mushroom.
  • Newest Strain; Must Try! While so many strains out there are very common and overdoen, this one is still very new. Experience the novelty of this strain with some friends and el the good times roll when you experience the sharp trip.
  • Easy to Grow and High Yields. All of our mushroom grow kits are extremely simple and easy to use, but this particular strain is an exception. The Moby Dick will yield results of up to 800 grams and is extremely easy to care for.



Buy Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Online

Buy Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Online. Psilocybe cubensis Moby Dick is the genetic offspring of two rare mushroom strains, Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. The ivory caps of Moby Dick have a subtle blue hue, and the base of the stem is coated with fluff. If you are seeking for a unique vacation, this mushroom is ideal. According to American trip reports, its effects are mind-blowing and a trip on Moby Dick mushrooms is memorable. Let’s place our order immediately.

Preparations For the Room and You

Before opening the Moby Dick Magic Mushroom grow kit, ensure that all windows and doors are closed to prevent drafts. This aids in establishing a stable environment that prevents the introduction of harmful microorganisms into the mushroom growing setup. Disinfect the container or surface where the grow box and mushroom cake will be placed. It is crucial that no bacteria, mold spores, or other contaminants come into contact with the Magic Freshmushrooms grow box. In addition, scrub your hands and arms with antibacterial soap and thoroughly rinse away any residue. Consider wearing a surgical mask and gloves to reduce the risk of contaminating the growing medium and bag.

Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

Carefully remove the Magic Mushroom grow kit, paperclip, and bag from the box. After putting on your gloves and mask, remove the lid from the package. Rinse this well and store it in a clean spot for subsequent use. Likewise, shield it as much as possible from pollutants. Place the plastic grow bag on a stable surface and send the mushroom growth kit to the bottom of the bag. Under the grow box, loosely tuck the bag’s open top so that the perforated side is on top. There is no need for extra air circulation at this stage of mushroom development.

The psilocybin growth kit should be kept in a dimly lit area away from direct sunlight. The optimal temperature range for mushroom cultivation is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. This will provide the greatest crop. Consider obtaining a heat pad to place beneath the mushroom growing kit if your room’s temperature does not remain within these parameters. After about one week of cultivating the grow kit, the first mushrooms, called pins, will develop. At this time, remove the bag’s folded top from below the grow box and unfold it. This allows the mushrooms to discharge extra moisture and develop larger. Avoid watering them.

The first Moby Dick mushrooms can be harvested two weeks after the initial setup. This must be completed prior to the release of any spores. Depending on the temperature, humidity levels, and other factors, the mushrooms may reach maturity sooner or later. The Magic Mushroom growing kit provides you with a lifetime of harvests. After the initial harvest, add clean, cold water to the grow bag. Replace the clean lid on the container, wait 12 hours, then carefully pour off the excess water before beginning the process again. This “cold shock” revitalizes the mushroom spores and replenishes any moisture lost while growing the initial mushrooms.

Moby Dick Growing Kit Storage

Start using your Magic Mushroom grow kit as soon as you receive it. If you cannot do so and want to delay cultivation, place the kit inside a soaking bag and tuck it into your refrigerator for up to four weeks. This will keep the mushroom spores in stasis and allow them to grow once you take them out and warm them up.

Ideal Mushroom Growing Temperature

The perfect Moby Dick mushroom growing temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. They should grow successfully anywhere between 18 and 29 degrees Celsius in most cases. Maintaining proper temperature may require a heat mat in colder rooms and climates.

Lighting Requirements

Mushrooms do not need elaborate lighting setups to grow. However, the mycelium does need to sense surface light in order to develop into mushroom bodies. This can be achieved with indirect sunlight or a fluorescent light bulb for just a few hours every day. Do not use a strong grow lamp or put the growing church in the direct sun.

What to Expect

With the right conditions, small Moby Dick mushroom pins appear above the surface in approximately one week to 10 days. Grow times may be longer for certain varieties of mushroom such as Psilocybin cubensis.

Mushroom Flushes

The clumps of growing mushrooms are called flushes. Unlike neat rows of plant crops spread out at even intervals, mushrooms grow in groups. With the growing kit, the first and second flushes will have more mushrooms in them. As you repeat the Moby Dick growing process, expect smaller harvests.

How to Pick Mushrooms

Understanding when and how to pick the mushrooms gives you a better result. Look underneath the cap to see if the veil between it and the stem has separated. Put on your latex gloves after washing your hands and arms and carefully pick the mushrooms that have reached the state. Leave the smaller and un-separated ones alone until they grow more. This a growing kit helps you pick Moby Dick mushrooms more easily by leaving off a harder vermiculite light. All you need to do is grasp the top of the mushroom and pull it out of the cake. This process does not need much force so be careful not to remove mushrooms that are not ready yet.

Side Growth Mushrooms

wherever the light touches the growing cake, mushrooms can sprout. Some cultivators prevent this by wrapping the sides of the box in foil or dark paper. Others simply allow the mushrooms to grow and harvest them as they would the ones on the cake. As long as they receive the same amount of light and water, there is really no difference between those that grow on top and those that grow on the sides. Nonetheless, if an excessive number of mushrooms grow on the sides of the grow cake, it may become stuck in the box. After washing your hands and donning gloves, place your palm on top of the grow box and turn it over until the cake falls out. Pick the Moby Dick mushrooms from the sides while holding it in your hand or placing it on a surface that has been cleaned. After removing the side mushrooms, simply return the cake to the box.

The End of Mushroom Growth

Although the Mycelium Mushroom grow kit may have more than one flush of mushrooms, it will not continue to grow them forever. If nothing grows in three weeks, it is a sign that this kit is done. This also applies if the cake turns gray, green, yellow, or red, which is the sign of contamination. If either of these things happens, dispose of the Moby Dick mushroom growing kit in your outside garbage can.

Moby Dick Mushroom Spores

Mushrooms drop spores if you do not harvest them early enough. Depending on the species of mushroom in your kit, this will make the cake look black, purple, brown, or red. If this occurs, the mushrooms may still be harvest-able. However, they will not be in prime condition or maximum potency at this time.


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