Orissa India psilocybe cubensis spore print for sale. The Orissa India P. cubensis is another strain found by John.W. Allen. These Indian mushrooms were found growing on elephant dung. Orissa India strain can grow huge mushrooms with wide saucer like caps, taller than any other cube.

The Orissa India is also more resistant than the average P. cubensis to contaminations, it is what we call a forgiving strain. The India Orissa psilocybe cubensis spores are a great cubensis strain for the beginning cultivator and researcher. Easy to grow and perfect for spore printing. Orissa India psilocybe cubensis spore print for sale



Buy Orissa India psilocybe cubensis spore print online

Buy Orissa India psilocybe cubensis spore print online. John.W. Allen also discovered the Orissa India strain of P. cubensis. These mushrooms were discovered growing on elephant excrement in India. The Orissa India strain may produce enormous mushrooms with saucer-shaped tops that are higher than any cube.

The Orissa India strain is also more resistant to contamination than the normal P. cubensis; it is a forgiving strain. India Orissa psilocybe cubensis spores are an excellent cubensis strain for novice growers and researchers. Easy to cultivate and ideal for spore printing.

General information about the Orissa India  Psilocybe Cubensis strain:

  • Origin: India,
    Cap: 20-70+ mm, Brown to copper brown when the mushroom matures,
    Stem: 40 -150+ mm, medium too extra large in size. bruises green blue when touched
    Spores: Dark purple brown.1.5–17 x 8–11 µm, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored
    Substrate: PF Tek and BRF, Rye grain and other grains, straw and pasteurized dung

Mushroom spore print

The mushroom spore prints are formed on sterile foil, which is then placed in a sterile ziplock bag and refrigerated. A minute scrape of spores may be eliminated from a spore print. With this swab, an agar or liquid culture test is conducted to determine the state of the spores. As a print, only spores that germinate are emitted.

Store a mushroom spore print refrigerated between 2*C-8*C Celsius or 35*F-46*F Fahrenheit. A Spore print can be stored for years


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