The Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit provides the foundation for growing your own patch of Psilocybe azurescens magic mushrooms. Once established, the patch can produce year after year of incredibly strong mushrooms. Ideal for psychonauts looking for a long-term personal crop. All you need is time and consideration!



Outdoor Magic Mushroom Grow Kit: Grow Your Own Azurescens Magic Mushrooms

The Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit is ideal for both novice mycologists and seasoned psychonauts. With it, you’ll be able to produce your own patch of strong magic mushrooms, providing annual harvests of home-grown psychedelics year after year. All that is required is some effort and patience.

The Azurescens strain of magic mushrooms has been put into each of our Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kits. These are incredibly potent, up to six times more potent than the conventional cubensis variants seen in indoor grow kits.

Patience is required because an outdoor mushroom patch can take up to a year to flourish. The payoff will be some of the most potent mushrooms you’ve ever tried – a project for the psychonaut looking for a long-term investment. Mushrooms typically bear fruit in the autumn.

You may learn how to use this kit and cultivate your own magical mushroom patch by following our straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions:

A Word Of Caution:

Because this kit is used outside and might grow mushrooms for years, it is likely that it will become infected with other mushroom strains. It is critical to exercise extreme caution when gathering mushrooms from the patch. Use only mushrooms with a blue tinge. Make sure you understand the properties of Psilocybe azurescens.

This item is best suited to amateur mycologists and expert mushroom hunters. The customer assumes all responsibility for the product’s use. Unfortunately, success cannot be assured because there are numerous environmental elements that can determine how successful a patch is.

Volume 280ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain Azurescens


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