Psilocybe Cubensis Panama is a strong strain from – honest – Panama; discovered in the garden of a Panama City hotel, it yields medium to large fruits with a bold cap. This kit includes 1200ml of 100% colonized substrate and is ready to grow fresh mushrooms in a matter of weeks with no effort. Temperatures ideal for fruiting: 74-78°F/23-25°C.



Supa Gro Kit 100% Panama: Medium To Large Fruits With A Bold Cap

Psilocybe Cubensis Panama is an extremely potent variant discovered in the grounds of a hotel in Panama City (wouldn’t it be lovely to find some on their breakfast buffet menu, eh?). This 100% mycelium kit includes 1200ml of fully colonized rye cake, which is ready to produce an abundance of medium to big fruits with a bold meaty cap and full of magic.

There’s no need to soak these kits before beginning your magical mushroom farming adventures; simply follow the instructions in our online handbook (and try to keep the temperature between 23 and 25°C) and you’ll be gathering tons of fresh mushrooms in no time. Mycological professionals grow Supa Gro magic mushroom grow kits, which include highly healthy mycelium.


  • 1200ml cultivation box
  • Grow bag
Volume 1200ML
Brand Supa Gro
Strain Panama


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