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Wavy Bar chocolates are indeed a mushroom bar that is dominated by chocolate. The item has a tarnished color and a very sweet flavor. This flavor has a massive amount of appeal, which is due to its unique chocolate-like flavor. It is well-known in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Wavy bar chocolate is one of the most incredible flavors available. The term “wavy bars” comes from of the design’s wavy wave-like appearance. These chocolate mushrooms are the latest trend in microdosing, and they have a ready market.


Since psilocybe mushroom is the most dominant ingredient, it is advisable to microdose carefully. For beginners, one pack of wavy bar is enough. Whereas for microdoses with more experience, Two to Four bars is enough. In addition, people can consume as many bars as they want, depending on their ability to endure its powerful effects. However, we advise that your trip safely and avoid wavy bar abuse.

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