Look no further than this White Rabbit Liquid Culture Syringe to take your shroom growing talents to the next level. This shroom is rather forgiving, producing low-pigmented, big caps. Because it isn’t particularly potent, it may appeal to less experienced trippers, allowing them to enjoy the psychedelic experience without becoming overwhelmed.



Acid Shroomz – White Rabbit Liquid Culture Syringe: Take A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

White Rabbit, an albino Psilocybe cubensis strain developed by crossing two well-known varieties—Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick—might become your new favorite. This relatively recent shroom is reported to have originated in Europe, specifically the Netherlands, by a group of students.

Even though it can develop some colour during the developing process, White Rabbit produces enormous, white crowns and stems.

This strain is recommended for intermediate growers who are capable of cultivating mushrooms in a sterile environment. The adjective “sterile” is significant here because this kind is particularly susceptible to infection. It also requires consistent, regulated growing conditions, and the grower should be on the lookout for potential aborts.

You can use manure or coir-enriched soil with rye, as well as rye with a casing layer, to cultivate White Rabbit with this liquid culture syringe. Aside from that, White Rabbit should be grown in the same manner as any other Psilocybe cubensis mushroom and can produce good yields.


  • 1x 20ml liquid culture syringe
  • 2x alcohol wipes
  • 1x sterilised needle


  • Use within 2 months after delivery. Store in a cool, dark place such as the refrigerator. Protect from UV light.
  • 2–5ml per litre/quart jar of sterilised grain.
  • Shake well before use. This helps to loosen the mycelium, ensuring an even distribution when applying the liquid to different substrates/spawn containers.
  • After use, the liquid culture should be stored in the refrigerator. Dry thoroughly before replacing the protective cover to prevent rust from forming on the needle.
  • Additionally, you can heat the needle with a lighter to evaporate residual water, before allowing it to cool. Once cool, replace the protective cover, secure the LC in a ziplock bag, and store it in the refrigerator.


  • While more LC generally leads to faster colonisation, it’s not recommended to exceed 5ml per litre/quart jar.
  • For grain still moist after hydration/sterilisation, less LC per litre/quart jar is safer, as excess water can lead to bacterial growth.
Mushroom Type Psychedelic


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